Why Us

We have specialized in getting new business for our customers for over 27 years. If you are seeking a reliable and efficient flyer deliver service, you have come to the right place.

It would be nice if you knew who among a crowd was interested in your business, and could just give them the flyers. However, this is easier said than done. Knowing where to distribute the flyers is half the battle. Events where individuals gather – like malls, parks, outside school gates, outside churches, markets, entrance/exit of sports arenas and concert halls – have not proven to be good places to distribute flyers. After leaving a game or event, no wants people trying to shove a flyer in their hand. This doesn’t make people want to look at it and some will take it to toss into the next trash can. Others without looking at it will just toss it on the ground.

Our 2-plus decades of experience has proven that delivering right to each home is the most effective way to distribute flyers. We know the market and the trends! Last year we delivered over 4,000,000 flyers; so you can trust our experience.