Delivery Services

It can be so irritating to see an individual handing out flyers to anyone that walks past and then to see those flyers scattered all around, most likely unread. The particular person or business who seeks to market a product or service with the use of flyers will advertise more successfully because they are targeting their specific market.

Flyer advertising is also far more efficient as the flyers are handed directly to the potential clients, the real target market. This will generate a very constructive impression as it appears very personal. This gives you the opportunity to deal with people face to face, and they will be able to ask questions about what your offer or service. This is why we provide our customer with high-quality, highly-targeted, distribution of media products. We try to uncover your wants, needs and desired outcomes; thereby increasing your company’s growth and awareness. Our aim is to build lasting relationships with our customers, many of whom have been with us over 27 years.

Ad Pac: Several flyers are grouped together and delivered to each home in any of the five “Ad Pac” zones located on the Map of Zones at the top of the page. A flyer is a single page leaflet advertising your business or special offer. Flyers are typically used by individuals or small business and are a form of small scale, community communication.

Ride-A-Long: We will ad your flyer to one of our already scheduled deliveries. This delivery will allow you to target a more specific area at a very reasonable rate. This is perfect if you’re looking to try it for the first time or are planning on doing different monthly flyers.

Solo: With the Solo delivery you target the exact area to promote your new business or special offer. You can also pick the date and number of flyers to be hand delivered giving you more control over the timing of the delivery. This targeted delivery method was designed to benefit your solo ad. It provides people with just one amazing deal without searching through other advertisements.